Three things happening in SA agriculture today, 1 October 2020

Didiza announces criteria to acquire state land, PLAAS talks African women and covid-19 and there's an international survey on agricultural challenges

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As we wave goodbye to September and welcome a brand-new month, here are three things to look forward to happening in Mzansi’s agricultural sector on the first day of October.

The minister South African agriculture will today share great news with farmers interested in acquiring state land, and two international events take place. First, there is a webinar on women, covid-19 and food systems in Africa, followed by an international survey seeking to collect feedback on challenges that the African continent is facing.

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1. Didiza announces release of state land  

It is raining state land and minister Thoko Didiza will today be announcing the criteria and processes to acquire it.

The minister of agriculture, land reform, and rural development will host a media briefing regarding the release of state land at 12:00 from the Ronnie Mamoepa press room, Tshedimosetso House, in Pretoria. The announcement will also be streamed live on the SA government Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube channels.

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2. Africa webinar on women, covid-19 and food systems

The Institute for Poverty, Land, and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS) invites you to a webinar on “Women, Covid-19 and food systems in Africa” from 13:00 to 14:00 today.

The webinar in partnership with the University of Ghana, University of Pretoria and the Environmental Management and Economic Development Organization will explore these questions:

  • How have African governments’ responses to covid-19 affected different food systems?
  • How has this affected women in informal markets – as farmers, fishers, traders, vendors?
  • How are women responding and strategising in response?

The online gathering chaired by Dr Marc Wegerif of the University of Pretoria, will feature these prominent speakers:

  • Professor Akosua Darkwah, University of Ghana (working with women farmers and traders);
  • Refiloe Joala, PLAAS (doing research on food systems and right to food);
  • Editrudith Lukanga, Environmental Management and Economic Development Organization (working with women fish workers including processors and traders).
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Watch the webinar here: Women, Covid-19 and food systems in Africa.

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3. International survey on challenges in agriculture

In an attempt to raise awareness on topics and initiatives concerning the LEAP4FNSSA project, it is launching a survey on topics related to scientific communities, policymakers, farmers associations, entrepreneurs, and civil society at large.

This survey is aimed to collect feedback on current crises and challenges that the African continent is facing and proposing possible actions to be carried out. Participants’ comments and feedback will be discussed during an awareness raising event that will be held virtually at the end of November 2020.

LEAP4FNSSA is a coordination and support action project with the main objective of providing a tool for European and African institutions to engage in a sustainable partnership platform for research and innovation on food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture.

This is a rare opportunity for interested individuals to share their thoughts. Click here to take the survey and make your opinion count.

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