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The United Nations Food Summit is taking place in New York in September 2021, with pre-summit events and dialogues having been held since the start of the year. The purpose of the summit is to find new and innovative ways to transform today’s food systems so that they are more sustainable, thus lessening food insecurity.

On this episode of the Farmer’s Inside Track podcast we chat to Prof. Lindiwe Sibanda, director and chair of the Africa Research Universities Alliance Centre of Excellence in sustainable food systems at the University of Pretoria. She defines food systems as every aspect involving food from the farm to the dining table.  

“We call it ‘farm to fork’. Why we say that is because there are many systems that are involved in the input and supply [of food]. The seed, the fertiliser, the genetic breed of the animals. In agriculture, [there is] the production from the land into the harvesting, the harvest management, to the processing, the packaging, the distribution, the purchasing at household level, the cooking, and the consumption. You can imagine the loops of systems that are involved.” 

Sibanda says that before, food research only encompassed farming, where researchers only talked to the agricultural aspect of food production. However, speaking to only agriculture proved insufficient, which is why the entire food system is now under scrutiny. “Most importantly, do not leave out the word ‘sustainable’ out of food systems, because that’s the new cog in the wheel.” 

Sibanda also says that currently, food systems are not sustainable. To unpack sustainability within food systems, she says that we first need to know what the word means. “Sustainability includes economics of food systems, social components of food systems and environmental component of food systems.” 

Industrial methods of farming are taking vital nutrients from the soil faster than it is putting it back, she emphasises. The issue of food inequality, where people are not getting enough nutritious food in their diet, is also a consequence of our current food system. “Sustainability is really about feeding the soil, feeding the pocket and feeding the human body. And our food system needs to talk to that.” 

To join the food system conversation, click here for the list of UN events, or keep on eye on the events calendar on our home page.  

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