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3 things happening in agriculture today, 14 January 2021

The 'pope of regenerative agriculture' is in South Africa! Yes, the broad and interconnected world of agriculture means there is always something new to learn. Here are 3 virtual workshops that could prove invaluable to agriculturists. E-mail info@foodformzansi.co.za to add your event to our daily agri calendar


Were you also inspired by Food For Mzansi’s recent article on ideas for lucrative, small-scale farming in 2021? Ready to take the first steps in either expanding or starting your own agribusiness?

Are you interested in sustainability and want to learn more about regenerative farming? Or maybe you enjoy learning about the importance that plants play in communities and the environment. Well, today is your lucky day. Book yourself into these virtual workshops to keep up-to-date with the latest in the world of agriculture.


Online Startup Idea Fest 

To formulate great start-up ideas, it is absolutely critical to share your ideas and get feedback from people in your target market. However, in our current Covid-19 reality, this basic “customer development” can be challenging to execute. 

Online Startup Idea Fest is an interactive, virtual conference that includes best practices for forming and validating business ideas, and a networking session with other attendees in your target market. You will also have the opportunity to give feedback on ideas and to meet other people interested in your space.

This is ideal for anyone who has a an early-stage company or a start-up idea, those who would like feedback on their idea or pitch and anyone who is interested in joining a new start-up or is perhaps looking for a co-founder.

Be sure to RSVP for this event from 19:00 to 20:00 today.


Masterclass on regenerative agriculture 

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American farmer, lecturer and author Joel Salatin will present two three-day masterclasses on regenerative agriculture at the Spier Wine Farm in Stellenbosch.

Joel Salatin is known globally as the pope of regenerative agriculture. Photo: Supplied
Joel Salatin is known globally as the pope of regenerative agriculture. Photo: Supplied

The first workshop is from 09:00 to 16.30 today although the masterclasses will be presented until Saturday. Salatin will cover as many aspects of his polyculture system as possible, from technical, ecological, economical, to social, educational and cultural. 

He aims to support agriculturists in getting good results with maximum added value to the planet, society and themselves.

Subjects include soil health, grazing, cattle, poultry, pigs and rabbits. He will also pay attention to forestry, water management, climate and composting. Moreover, he will zoom in on his approach to direct marketing and the training of a new generations of farmers. 

It costs R2 850 per person per workshop, including lunch and tea/coffee during breaks. For bookings, e-mail info@permacultureinstituteforsouthernafrica.org. If you can’t make it this week, don’t worry, there’s another coming up on 30 January and 1 February 2021.


The role of plants in the environment and communities

Want to know more about the management and biological control of alien invasive species? Catch Mr Jufter Musedeli tomorrow, 14 January 2021 at 14h30 on live DSTV Channel 8, or on FM 87.9 – 107.8.

Mr Musedeli is a junior researcher (entomologist) at ARC South Africa and will be sharing important information on the role that plants play in the environment and in communities.

How to get your event on our daily agri calendar

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Dona Van Eeden
Dona Van Eeden
Dona van Eeden is a budding writer and journalist, starting her career as an intern at Food for Mzansi. Furnished with a deep love and understanding of environmental systems and sustainable development, she aims to make the world a better place however she can. In her free time you can find her with her nose in a book or wandering on a mountain, looking at the world through her camera's viewfinder.


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