VIDEO: Navigating life as a black entrepreneur

34-year-old Yongama Skweyiya co-founded Pimville Gin in 2018

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In this week’s Farmer’s Inside Track video episode, 34-year-old Yongama Skweyiya, co-founder of Pimville Gin, shares his recipe for making it as a young entrepreneur in the craft spirits business.

In his video, Skweyiya shares his insights on the hiccups experienced to date, the magic behind producing craft spirits and navigating life as a black entrepreneur who has made efforts to break the “tenderpreneur” stereotype.

“We fight every day, throughout the day, trying to prove that we have got a fantastic product. We’ve got a great story to tell and more importantly we work with a team of gifted people that make the business possible.”

He adds that his business was founded on true grit, and that it is painful to watch “tenderpreneurs” deface something as valuable as land.

“It hurts me to realize that there are guys who get farms and do nothing with it, then there are guys who get a small piece of land and do incredible things,” he laments.

Skweyiya advises prospective agripreneurs to rise to the challenge, but simultaneously always be aware of the business risks. “Know the industry as an entrepreneur. Don’t get involved in things just because you think you are going to make money. Be good at it.” He tenaciously advises.

Watch the full video episode on Farmer’s Inside Track.

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