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Liewe Lulu: Am I salty about my best friend’s success?

Salty Best Friend from East London in the Eastern Cape writes… 

I’m a small business owner and still struggling to find my feet. I’ve got a friend; in fact, he is my best friend and has made it in life while I’m still chasing the bag. He keeps inviting me on expensive trips and literally spends what I make a month in a day! 

He knows the position I’m in, but he still does this. In the past I was the one helping him out when he needed money and I’ve always been there for him. I would offer transport, but I’ve since sold my car and I use my work truck. I sometimes need a car for some personal stuff, but my friend won’t even lend me his flashy new ride. I’ve always been there for him, but now I don’t have friend to count on.  

I’m so confused on how to go about this. Do I cut him off? Do I sit him down and tell him “wtf” is going on? Am I a jealous person? 

Help me Lulz..! 

My Dearest Salty Best Friend 

O jewa ke comparisonComparison, combined with the pressure of ridiculous timelines and life expectationsis eating you up Nana.  

I understand that it is not an easy pill to swallow when you see your friend leading a happy life and flourishing while you’re trying to play catch up. Don’t beat yourself up, we’ve all been there. Our social media timelines are filled with people living their best lives while you’re stuck at home, bone dry and filled with FOMO wondering what your next move is.  

But ask yourself, were you put on this Earth to be part of a rat race or will you set your own pace and road ahead?  

You are playing a dangerous game and nobody wants to be labelled a bitter b*tch. Iyour friend doesn’t want to share the treasures it’s fine, find your own. Applaud your chomi for managing to dig himself out of that hole he was in. You will get your chance, so let the other kids have nice things and enjoy them.  

The next time he asks you to take spur of the moment tripsdecline gracefully and be firm about your financial circumstances. If he throws it in your face and refuses to understand, then cut ties. You don’t need that kind of drama in your life.    

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