Boost your body with a blackberry smoothie

It's packed with super nutrients such as fibre and several vitamin sources

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Summer is here, and it is as if we suddenly came to the realization that we must get our bikini bodies in shape. Exercising alone won’t do the job, but eating healthy would. The thought of adopting healthy eating habits makes most of us cringe since we can only imagine the most unattractive and bad tasting foods.  

However, there are other cool options, such as smoothies, which are tasty, healthy and quite filling. There are a whole bunch of different flavourful fruits from which you can choose to make your own – some that can save you time and money. 


It is packed with super nutrients such as fibre and several sources of vitamins like A, C and E. Fibre helps to prevent any digestive discomfort such as constipation. Some would be happy to learn that because blackberries are rich in fibre it can also help you shed some weight. As for the vitamins they help to improve heart and brain health, reduce cholesterol and contribute towards a well nurtured immune system. 

Boost your summer body with a blackberry smoothie.
What goes into a blackberry smoothie?


  • At Wildebraam farm in Swellendam in the Western Cape you can pick a bucket full of black and young berries.  
  • Bon-Af Berry farm – 95km outside of Johannesburg – offers a great berry picking experience from raspberries and blueberries to gooseberries. Pick your own fresh berries (or any other fruit) and take them home to create your own definition of what a smoothie should be.  


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