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Tapiwa’s ice cream: A taste of Africa in every scoop

Tapiwa Guzha went into the ice cream industry on a whim. But he soon realised that ice cream could be a vehicle for cultural expression, and today his mission is to celebrate and share the diversity of African cultures.

Edible leaves: Don’t throw away the healthy bits

Visiting farms and chatting with food growers, I am always surprised and happy to learn about the wonder of vegetables. Like finding out about parts of the vegetable that are edible...

International Tea Day: 9 great rooibos pairing ideas

Many South Africans are all too familiar with the basics of wine pairing. We know that white wine pairs well with a fish dish, while a bold red goes with a...

So, how fresh are frozen veggies?

There is a common belief that fresh is best and buying frozen veggies is a cop-out, but this is certainly not the case on the nutrition front. Frozen veggies are not as...

How long can I keep spices and herbs for?

As the season changes and we get excited about the colder months’ foods and flavours, we often start cleaning out our kitchen cupboards. The tricky part arises when we get to...

Food labels: How to spot the bull they sell you

Here’s a scenario:  It’s a Saturday morning and you are in the supermarket doing your weekly grocery shopping. You've recently tried to shop more sustainably and you’re trying to be a more ethical shopper....

E Cape entrepreneur takes amaranth to wider market

Indigenous plant lover Regina Kasongo has managed to turn her love for indigenous foods into a sustainable business. She grows amaranth, a crop that thrives with little water and even in...

GERD: 10 acid-friendly foods for chronic reflux

What goes up, must come down, but what goes down should not always come back up - especially when we're talking about stomach acid in the oesophagus. Everyone experiences occasional heartburn. However,...

Home food garden: What to plant in March

Yes, we know, organic vegetable gardening in your own home food garden is an activity that can be challenging. But it is really the simplest and most rewarding experience at the...

Amadumbe: 5 tips for growing this African vegetable

Of all indigenous crops in existence, he is caught in a love affair with the potato of the tropics, amadumbe, confesses Qinisani Qwabe, farmer and founder of Ubuntu AgriRenaisance. So much so...

Must Read

From brewery waste to spinach: SAB shines with Imifino

South African Breweries? Spinach? Economic salvation? You may be wondering how these seemingly incomparable items unite. Well, SAB has launched the first fully green biological treatment system for a brewery in Africa, creating much-needed jobs in the process.

FS state vet services ‘almost non-existent’

Getting a state veterinarian to visit their farms is close to impossible. This is according to livestock farmers in the Free State, who say that veterinarians often cite a lack of resources and empty fuel tanks as reasons for not doing call-outs.

Papaya industry in a seriously downward spiral

It is no secret that papayas are relatively easy to grow, but insanely difficult to market. Now an industry insider tells Food For Mzansi that the papaya industry is in a rapid decline with little hope in sight.

Mpumalanga PALS ‘a major step for land reform in Mzansi’

The establishment of Mpumalanga PALS shifts the focus from politics to sustainable agriculture, says Agri SA’s Christo van der Rheede. The critically acclaimed land reform initiative was launched at the Mbombela stadium moments ago.

Meyer steps down from FS chamber of commerce

Renaldo Meyer has resigned as the CEO of the Free State Chamber of Commerce and Industry with immediate effect from 18 October, 2021.