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Covid-19: Lockdown junk food recipes

Full disclosure. I’m craving junk food. I miss the convenience of grabbing a pizza or burger. It doesn’t help that my social media timeline is bombarded with cries for Mzansi fast food joints to be reopened, because hey, I can seriously hear the McDeez fries calling my name.   ...

Social distancing and self quarantine are our new normal. Big family lunches are not the order of the day as we celebrate Easter holidays on the 15th and 19th days of National lock down.

Easter Lockdown: Here’s what we will be missing

This year, the Easter holidays will be a far cry from what we’re used to in Mzansi. Under different circumstances travel bags would’ve been packed for families to take a well-deserved break for the long weekend.   Instead South Africa and the rest of the world are facing unprecedented times, as we continue to battle the ...

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