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New farmers: 5 reasons you need a crop production plan

A crop production plan is the best way to maximise the use of your land and ensure a reliable supply of produce to your...

6 tips to thrive as a serious township farmer

“We can safely say that there are about 2.5 million ‘agricultural’ households in South Africa,” says Naudé Malan, a senior lecturer in Development Studies at the University of Johannesburg. “These emergent, new or small farmers can make a significant contribution to our food system, both in food production and in community development.”

‘Radical steps needed to transform food systems’

Bold measures are needed to transform food systems, said Dr Brave Ndisale, the FAO country representative in South Africa, during an independent dialogue ahead of the UN Food Systems Dialogue. The media's role in transforming food systems was discussed by Ndisale and many other top speakers.

Potato industry in a jam over cheap European chips

You know those dirt-cheap frozen potato chips? They’re being dumped in Mzansi from Europe and it’s slowly killing the potato industry. To add insult to injury, our antidumping duty protection recently lapsed.

Composting entrepreneur on mission to feed the soil

Like most people, 26-year-old Renate Griessel wanted her life’s work to have a purpose. After studying industrial engineering and entering the corporate world, the purpose she was looking for still eluded her. So, in 2018, she decided to go into agriculture.