Thursday, February 29, 2024
Chef Hennie Nel makes British favorite - Piccalilli served with a vegetable tartine on sourdough toast.

RECIPE: Chef Hennie’s British piccalilli

Head chef of Spier Farm Café, Hennie Nel, is not a fan of fancy, fussy cooking. In fact, the chef believes that the secret to a great meal is honest, authentic and unpretentious food made with the best quality...

RECIPE: Chakalaka, as enjoyed by Barack Obama

RECIPE: Creamy ocean fresh pasta

Wingardium Levi-pasta! Think Harry Potter. Think magic. Think mouthfuls of flavour. It’s safe to say that pasta is by far a global favourite. “Give me a little cream and pasta...

Jabulile's creamy chicken livers are a guaranteed hit on your dinner table

RECIPE: Jabulile’s creamy chicken livers

Poultry meat is undeniably one of the most cherished meats around the world. From head to toe people not only enjoy the outer, meaty bits of the chicken, but what’s inside too. Chicken livers...

There's no yummier breakfast food than fresh flapjacks with syrup. Chef Thandi, AKA the Glam Chef, has a recipe for fluffy flapjacks that you will love.

RECIPE: The Glam Chef’s flapjacks

Thandi Maphai believes “we eat with our eyes first” and that appearance when cooking is everything. The young chef is always glammed up and she’s widely known by many in the culinary world as The Glam Chef. Born...

RECIPE: Mfazana’s lekker fruity wings

The 43-year-old Zama Mbane, affectionately known as Mfazana the Village Chef, is a private chef who cooks a variety of contemporary and traditional dishes. She hails from KwaZakhele in Port Elizabeth...

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