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Chef Mario promises the ultimate insect experience

The moment you find a fly in your food, you immediately throw it out in disgust. If you’re in a restaurant, you call the manager, right? Not always! Especially not if...

6 Flu-fighting foods to protect yourself this winter

Nobody can afford to stay at home from work to nurse yourself through the flu. And if you’re a parent with kids that risk is multiplied. Prevention is definitely better than...

RECIPE: The Lazy Makoti’s Chickpea and Bean Salad

Mogau Seshoene, popularly known as The Lazy Makoti, decided to cook instead of farm and she's charming Mzansi with her culinary skills. The 30 year old is a cookbook author and...

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Reserve Bank eases pressure on indebted farmers

Agricultural economist from the Western Cape department of agriculture explain how farmers are set to benefit from the country's unchanged repo rate of 3.5%.

More illegal booze on streets than legal wine and ciders

The alcohol sales bans over the last 15 months have not only plunged wine and barley farmers in crisis. Furthermore, the illicit trade sales by volume have now overtaken the entire combined wine and cider sectors.

‘Farm-to-fork start-up’ scoops FEED innovation prize

A week after he graduated with a Master’s degree, a software developer and his fellow FoodPrint co-founders were also announced as winners of the prestigious Inqola FEED Innovation Prize.

Veggie farmer can’t stop procrastinating

Chronic procrastinator from Barberton, Mpumalanga writes… Liewe Lulu…How do you stop procrastinating?As the calendar closes in on the spring planting season, I am behind on...

The Makoele’s got the land, and they’re nurturing it!

Every Friday, we feature one of the rising farm stars participating in the FarmSol Youth Ambassador programme. This week, we travel to the Free...