How to get rewarded for living like a boss

Want to earn R2 000 for taking your prescription meds? Want to get R7 000 to reward you for going to the gym? How about R5 000 to inspire you to finish that degree? Make some boss moves today…

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Health Squared farmworker retirement

If there is one thing the Covid-19 pandemic has taught South Africans, it is the importance of saving for hard times. Also, it has highlighted the need for insurance companies to show clients that they are appreciated, believes Kate Macildowie, marketing and rewards manager at Agility Agri.

“The pandemic really highlighted that people are looking to save money,” says Macildowie. “The economic uncertainty, the financial losses that people have experienced, really put this focus on how companies can help consumers save.” 

Never before has it been so important to really show that you’re caring for members by actually giving them cash back to help in this time of shared struggles, says Macildowie.

medical aid cover

That is why Agility’s rewards programmes are full of great deals and discounts designed to help members stretch their monthly budgets by looking at their day-to-day needs.  

“The cash back programme helps members to save for those bigger ticket items, so our members are able to save enough for an overseas trip, to pay for their children’s annual school fees or cover their medical aid benefits for the following year.” 

Agility Rewards are specifically positioned for future-focused farmers and agricultural enterprises who want the benefits of a rewards programme in conjunction with a medical scheme cover. There are two reward programme offerings at Agility: a free one and a paid programme. 

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“Our free offering is available to anybody that is using an Agility product, which is a complimentary benefit available to all members,” says Macildowie. 

The paid programme is a cash-back programme that offers members money straight back into their wallets without having to jump through complicated points processes and hoops like other loyalty programmes. 

“So, there is definitely a lot that farmers can look into,” says Macildowie. “But they should know, when they consider this programme, that both offerings are designed with the intention to really put cash back into our members’ wallets and ultimately help them to save and prosper.” 

Save for a rainy day

The exciting thing about Agility’s cash-back platinum programme is that members can save up to R37  000 per year, and they can do this in many different ways.

By going to the gym and meeting your steps target, for example, you can get up to R7 000 per year. Dedication in taking prescription medication can earn you up to R2 000 cash back and golf fanatics can even earn R4 000 cash back by playing their normal rounds of golf.  

Families with children can earn back R6 750 by paying their children’s school fees, students that finish their degrees get R5 000 back at the end of their degree. 

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Agility Rewards are open to all members. It is a free complimentary service so farmers and farmworkers have access to a free suite of benefits available nationwide – even during these turbulent times. 

Need more info to start earning cash-back rewards? Check out the great deals and discounts offered by Agility on or email Remember to tell them that Food For Mzansi referred you.  
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