Thursday, February 29, 2024
Her journey wasn't easy, but Fikile Zungu's career change from cleaner to professional cook at the South African embassy in Belgium proves the value of hard work.

From maid to professional cook

Fikile Zungu says “it’s only by grace of God” that she went from working as a maid for 10 years to a cook. “Pinch me!” she exclaimed, when she was...

RECIPE: Chef Zana’s Durban Style Prawn Curry

Traditional food ‘has a story to tell’

Chef Farzana Alvarado believes that every traditional dish has a rich history with a story to tell “about its origin, how it’s prepared and how it brings people together”. Culture,...

Food For Mzansi’s resident nutritionist, Andrea Du Plessis, recommends that you make your own juice.

What’s in my juice?

A juice box for lunch, a fruity drink at dinner or even an entire meal replacement for breakfast is how most people consume juice in Mzansi. The endless options in...

Try these dietary flu “shots”, a mixture of immune-boosting ingredients this winter.

RECIPES: Flavourful Flu Shots

Getting ready to defend yourself from the flu this winter? Try these dietary flu “shots”, a mixture of immune-boosting ingredients in a shot-glass. They are packed with immune-boosting nutrients, antimicrobial...

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