Friday, February 23, 2024
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Recipe: Make Amanda’s mopani worm pasta

Mashonzha or mopani worms are undeniably a local culinary treasure for many South Africans. Mashonzha or amasonja are a delicacy throughout Southern Africa in countries like Mzansi, Botswana and Zimbabwe....

Yummy pickled fish prepared by chef Zanele Van Zyl.

RECIPE: Chef Zanele Van Zyl’s pickled fish

Easter time is synonymous with fried fish, curry and warm cinnamon hot-cross buns. Mzansi is known for its lekke Cape Malay curry-soaked fried fish, but we’re in the middle of a nationwide lockdown and can’t travel home for mom’s pickled fish.   Celebrity chef Zanele Van...

Chef Sibu Nyembe's braised ox tongue salad on a bed of summer salad.

RECIPE: Braised ox tongue salad

Beef tongue is one of those undeniably delicious delicacies that South Africans just can’t get enough of. With its subtle flavour and dense muscle texture, when it is slowly braised on a low heat in...

Those who have coeliac disease are advised to avoid gluten. Photo: Supplied/Food For Mzansi

RECIPE: Mopane White Bread

Chef Mario Barnard is anything but ordinary. The 28-year-old says his dishes are good for the environment, jam-packed with fibre and magnesium - and made with insects. Barnard is the...

RECIPE: Chef Zana’s Durban Style Prawn Curry

Traditional food ‘has a story to tell’

Chef Farzana Alvarado believes that every traditional dish has a rich history with a story to tell “about its origin, how it’s prepared and how it brings people together”. Culture,...

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